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We value Work Ethics & Environment in this digital world we work remotely and believe in providing global talent to our clients.
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We strive to provide Our Customers with Top Notch Support to Digitally Uplift their businesses.

Redanglo Thinktank

With vision of running remote organizations our team members believe in spending on client products instead of Physical offices.

Amrinder Brar

Technical Customer Manager

Software Developer as a profession Amrinder has a vision to provide high quality Digital services to customers. He believe in working remotely and spending more on updating infrastructure rather than physical office. Bringing remote culture from Silicon Valley to Punjab and Chandigarh is like dream come true for him. We believe in meeting clients on site and working with them as closely as possible. As a Chief Marketing Officer he believe Redanglo can deliver best when experts meet directly to customers instead of non-technical sales managers. So he always take a step ahead to design and plan software products for customers by meeting them onsite or by Live call.

Manpreet Mann

Content Writing Manager

As a Biotechnologist Manpreet has immense experience of generating marketing and research based contents. She helps team in generating right content which can help our customer growing their business globally. In this digital world web content is the only way to describe your business and converting readers to your potential customers.